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NoraLyn provides services in five different areas: Actuarial & Business Consulting; Freelance Writing & Editing; Marketing; Organizational Development (OD) and Coaching; and Whatever It Takes Workshops (WIT). All five are inter-related to prescribe effective business and personal outcomes. The firm’s motto, "We Make it Happen," is consistently applied as its attitude towards all business activities. When working with a client, our motto is converted to "Together We Make It Happen."

Noralyn Blogs
Where & What in the World—tastes, travel & culture around the world and anything that we find of interest.

Success—will feature writing, marketing, and publishing tips we pick up along the way.

Norm’s Thoughts—essays and analyses that comprise the entire gamut of areas that are relevant to our culture.

Norm’s Financial and Business Thoughts—Comments about a broad array of financial and business topics affecting the U.S. economy, both from national and international sources.